Q&A: Sandra Lynn Breaks Down Process for Making 3-Part EP

Sandra Lynn‘s got one thing on her mind this year and it’s music to our ears.

The budding songstress has been working hard in the studio to get new music to her fans in a three part project that will be released throughout 2018. The first extended play, Fightwas released earlier this year and follows a relationship’s wild journey with songs like “Fight,” “Rest In Pieces,” “From The Outside,” and the focal track “Somebody Kissed Me At A Bar.”

CS Country caught up with Sandra last month during the 2018 CMA Music Festival in Nashville to talk about Fight EP and the process for the next two EPs.

CS Country: You released your project Fight earlier this year! How has that been treating you?

Sandra Lynn: “It has been awesome. We’ve got such a positive response on it, folks have given such great feedback on it and have heard a lot of positive comments. We also hit the Billboard Top 50! That was the first time that happened, so it was really cool waking up to that. It’s exciting, with this EP we decided to do something a little different and actually do three chapter EPs instead of a full length album because I wanted to reflect the creative process with the writing and the songs that we were getting and do that on the release side of it.”

CS Country: Do you have any favorite tracks off it?

Sandra Lynn: ““Somebody Kissed Me At A Bar” is basically our single and I just love that song. I never heard it said that way before. One of the songwriters on the song, we were working on another song together and I told him I really want to speak to women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s that have lived a little bit of life with this EP. He played me that song and I just loved it and knew I had to cut it.”

CS Country: What was the whole process like of choosing all of the songs for this project?

Sandra Lynn: “I wanted this first EP to sort of have a theme of the push and pull in relationships. So “Fight” is the title track off of the EP, and so basically all three EPs and chapters are going to tell a story in a linear way…kind of like old records used to do. We start out with this couple, like how far and how long will we go to fight for this relationship with “Fight.” Then “Rest In Peace” is they don’t want to go through the breakup but they realize they have to call it quits. Then you go into “Somebody Kissed Me At A Bar” where they thought they were over each other until somebody else tried to sweep them off of their feet.  And then “From the Outside,” I love that song, I wrote that song with Jake Scott out in Los Angeles. Its really about being present in the relationship and not looking to see what else is out there because you never know what is going on with other peoples’ relationships.”

CS Country: What else can we expect to see from you the rest of 2018?

Sandra Lynn: “Well, I’m working on the second EP right now. We’ve been in the writing room and just really finding the arc of the story and what is going to happen with this couple. We’re going to get in the studio towards the end of summer and we’re also out touring right now. We played a lot of new festivals that we haven’t been to this year so that’s been a really fun experience. One of my favorite things about being out on the road is meeting new people and hearing their stories.”

CS Country: Since we are Celeb Secrets Country, what is a secret about yourself that you would like to share with us?

Sandra Lynn: “I have never had a cavity!”