Rapid Fire Round: Sandra Lynn

Singer-songwriter Sandra Lynn has established herself as one of country music’s sweetest rising stars with a voice that reflects both her love for country music and her roots as a California girl. Lynn’s emotionally-charged single for her latest video, “Lose the War,” world premiered on CMT and Parade.com. The rising country songstress also teamed up with GRAMMY-nominated DJ and producer Morgan Page to drop an upbeat, dance remix to the track. “Lose the War” and “Am I Just Dreaming” continue the second chapter of a musical chronicle that Lynn kicked off with her Fight EP last year. 

We sat down to chat with Lynn in a Rapid Fire Interview. Check out her answers! 

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? 

My first concert I went to when I turned 16 and was able to drive was Blink 182. I always listened to all different types of music growing up, which is something I really appreciate when creating music today. When I started pursuing a career in music, country music was the one ‘format,’ or ‘genre’ that I knew I wanted to sing and write about, as those are the songs that always lyrically resonated with me the most. However, I think also listening to all different genres of music growing up ranging from rock, country, pop, blues, punk, r&b—you name it, really have helped influence my sound today as an artist and gives me unique references to draw from when bringing a song to life. 

When and where do you do your best writing? 

I’m always coming up with ideas in everyday life when I’m doing routine things such as taking a shower or driving in the car, and will quickly write them down or record them on my phone. I’ll then take some of those ideas into the writing room with me and sometimes that’s exactly what we’ll write about that day, or sometimes one idea turns into another, turns into another….I always find I work well writing with others, and while I love to come up with ideas sometimes on my own or fiddle around on the piano, there are so many amazingly talented songwriters in Nashville and LA (where I’ve spent most of my time writing), that that’s when I find some of the real magic happens! 

Which of your songs gets the best crowd response? 

There seems to be a range, which is rewarding for me to get to experience as an artist. People seem to love singing (and whistling) along to one of my earlier tunes called, “Bar Hoppin’” as well as some of my more recent songs such as “Somebody Kissed Me at a Bar” and “Lose the War.” There are also a few songs I always include in my set that haven’t yet been recorded/released, that I like to share with audiences that come see us play live and it’s a great way for me to see which of those potential new songs the crowd resonates with or not. There are a few in that bunch that people seem to be digging these days that I hope to be releasing real soon. 


What is the most memorable thing a fan has done for you? 

When I released my debut EP in 2014, I also shot a music video to one of the tracks off of it called, “You Belong.” I received a note about a nine year-old girl that was diagnosed with a very serious level of juvenile diabetes. When she got out of a long stay at the hospital, she didn’t want to take her medicine or go back to school. Her mother however shared the “You Belong” music video with her since she loves country music, and hoped it would help lift her spirits. Her mother said that it did just that, and she ended up going back to school and accepting her necessary treatment. When I write, record, create music, I always hope it will have an impact, but I never could have imagined something this profound. I was truly humbled and touched by the story—its one of the many reasons I feel so blessed to get to create music every day. 

Where do you turn for inspiration or comfort when life in the industry gets overwhelming? 

I think being aware and grateful for all of the accomplishments I have made thus far along the way really helps me keep things in perspective when the industry gets overwhelming at times, or when my goals and timing don’t always line up with one another. Yes this industry can be a tough one, but at the same time, I get to make music for a living and connect with others all around the globe because of it, and I can’t thank God, my family, friends, and supporters enough for allowing me to do what I love on a daily basis. 

If you could choose one person, alive or not, to play a concert with, who would it be and why? 

I’ve always loved Trisha Yearwood’s music, and have looked up to her as one of my influences so it would be pretty amazing if I got to perform in concert with her one day! 

Favorite venue to play? If no favorite, what is your dream venue to play? 

It was a dream come true getting to play on the Ryman Auditorium stage this past Fall in Nashville. I’d also love to play the Opry one day, Bridgestone Arena (in Nashville), Angel Stadium of Anaheim (near where I grew up), and the Stagecoach Festival out in Indio, CA. 

If you had to choose a theme song for your life, what would it be? 

I’m going to go with ‘The Wonder Years’ theme song….”With a Little Help from My Friends.” 

Who’s on the guestlist for your ideal dinner party? 

My husband and I, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

What is your favorite meal (something you can only get in a certain state, a home cooked meal only your mama has been able to perfect, or a hole in the wall dish that you get every time you’re home)? 

I have some family that lives in Chicago and have performed through there on tour, and one of my favorite things to do every time I’m in town is get a good ole Chicago deep-dish pizza.

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