Sandra Lynn Dishes on FIGHT EP

The next artist I had the opportunity to talk with during Country Radio Seminar was Sandra Lynn. This amazingly talented artist is everything you could ask for in the “total package”.  Lynn began her entertainment career at the age of 3 with dance, moving on to acting at the age of 5 and actually appearing in a couple of commercials for Burger King.  Watch her dish a little on what her lines were in one of those commercials. 

Lynn has released her current EP titled, Fight and this is the first in a three-part series on EPs that she will release this year. This is an excellent example of the creative genius Lynn is with this “story concept” and taking the listener on an emotional journey. With Fight, we begin at a point in a relationship where you are begging your partner to “fight” for the relationship to work.  Moving on to maybe we should just leave it alone and just be still for a bit, but taking you right back to the ups and downs that we all go through when dealing with any difficulties in our lives with the people we love.  

Listen as Lynn discusses why she took this direction and why it is important to empower women to feel ok with talking about these issues because we all go through them.  

To add to Lynn’s resume, she has the honor of having had several supporting spots for THE Kenny Rogers on the road.  Check out what her reaction is to be able to perform and learn from one of her idols in the business.

I could not talk about Lynn enough or rave about her songwriting abilities, her vocal performances that make you feel exactly what she means in every lyric or convey the true authenticity of this artist in enough words. I am excited to see where this journey goes, both with the music in the next two EPs coming this year as well as where Lynn will find herself in the very near future.

Don’t forget to check her out on all social media platforms and make sure to follow her blog titled California Country Crush where she shares recipes, travel advice as well as entertainment.

Sandra, thank you for spending some time with us and I look forward to catching up again soon.  You go, girl!

( by Laura Lou: