Sandra Lynn Gives a Behind-the-Scenes First Look at 'Somebody Kissed Me At a Bar' Video

Sandra Lynn is giving readers an exclusive look behind the scenes of the video for her current single, "Somebody Kissed Me At a Bar." The song is from her current Fight EP.

"This EP means a whole lot to me," she says. "This is Chapter One of what I'm excited to share with you, and a whole new phase of music this year."

The song resonated with Sandra Lynn the first time she heard it, and remains one of her favorites, both on Fight and to perform live.

"'Somebody Kissed Me At a Bar' is one of my favorite songs, I have to say, that I've gone into the studio with so far," Sandra Lynn shares. "I feel like the song just resonates on so many levels. It's that moment in time where a person realizes that they're not over somebody in a relationship, and it's sort of that pivotal moment where something happened that triggered that. In this instance, it's somebody basically getting swept off their feet at a bar by another person, and they realize they're not over whoever that was that they were meant to be with."

The video, shot in one day in the famed Hollywood, Calif. Adults Only bar, allowed Sandra Lynn to show off some beautiful designer clothes, while performing and acting.

"We really wanted to present a piece that broke down the barriers between myself and the viewer by presenting a performance and showcasing the song’s story," she explains.

"Somebody Kissed Me At a Bar," along with the rest of Fight, is available for download on iTunes.