Sandra Lynn Shines On Heartfelt 'I Think of You': Exclusive

10/2/2019 by Annie Reuter

Sandra Lynn’s vocals shine on the emotional “I Think of You,” which Billboard premiers the video for today (Oct. 2).

Written by Caitlyn Smith and Ruston Kelly, “I Think of You” has Lynn haunted by the memories of a past love. The stirring ballad features Lynn’s vulnerable and whispered vocals with delicate piano accompaniment and a steady drumbeat.

Upon first hearing the song, Lynn says she was reminded of the first time she heard Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine.” “That was the song that made me want to sing country music,” Lynn tells Billboard. “The vivid imagery immediately resonated with me on a deeper level and I was put exactly in the place of the lyric.”

It was the chorus of “I Think of You” that resonated most with Lynn. On the song, she sings, "You knew it was all gonna come down crashing/ Still trying to figure out what the hell happened/ When I think of everything I had to lose/ I think of you.

“Those few lines right there sum up the whirlwind relationships can often be. After a relationship ends, we tend to dissect and replay all the good and bad that went on, and sometimes you don’t realize you’ve lost the one thing you needed until it’s gone,” she says.

“I Think of You” was produced and engineered by Grammy Award-winner Ben Fowler, and follows Lynn's latest country releases "Lose the War" and "Am I Just Dreaming." The stunning music video for the song was directed by Tucker/Hess Productions and Lynn says it was important to deliver a performance that tells the story of the song.

“It was such a fun challenge going from smiling and dancing in the kitchen to crying in the shower to subtle moments of conversation and stone cold moments of feeling so much and nothing -- all at once,” she says. “This was my fifth music video shoot with Tara and Brandon (Tucker/Hess Productions), and as with each one, they continue to up the stakes and bring the story to life on screen in such a way that visually and emotionally pulls you in.”

Watch the video for “I Think of You” below.